Vacuum robots help fight allergies – find out how

Reduce dust related allergies

Over the last few years, robots have been entering homes and businesses at an astounding rate. Today, we are going to talk about vacuum robots in the home and how these fantastic, often low priced (from £149) little devices can reduce dust related allergies.

It has been often said that dust is a leading cause of breathing difficulties in the home, what I aim to answer is – what is in the dust under your bed and how can you reduce the dangers through the simple use of a vacuum robot.

blog-dustDid you know! – Studies show that the average six-room home in the United States collects 40 pounds of dust each year (source Berger & Joyner-Kersee) now that is real reason to invest in a robot which will automatically clean under your bed and furniture on a daily basis without any input or effort from you.

The Robot features

These days, the household robots have automatic timers that can be set for the robot to clean while your out or on holiday combined with an automatic charging technology. This technology allows the robot to find its way back to the charging station that you have plugged into the wall power socket. Once the robot has a low battery or its cleaning cycle is complete, it will send out a sensor to locate the charging station and begin to make its way to dock. Once charged, it will carry on with its cleaning cycle or wait for the timer function to begin. All in all, these robots are wonderful, useful, pretty, modern and growing in popularity.

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