Vacuum robot, To buy or not to buy? that is the question.

which robot vacuum cleaner

Which robot vacuum cleaner

Which robot vacuum cleaner ? The market for robotic devices continues to grow, and so does the amount of product choice and confusion. As an industry leader in selling household robots, we have witnessed the explosion of robotic products hitting the market. From small start-ups to large, well-known corporations getting in on the gold rush without considering what it is that they are promoting in terms of quality.

What makes us a trusted, industry leader ?

We on the other hand had entered the market before the boom years and therefore became a leader and not a follower, we had grown our customer orientated and quality focused online store step by step through trust and reliability. Each and every robot that we decide to sell has to first and foremost undergo days of testing and reviewing for its quality, robustness and ease of use before we put it to the team for opinions.

Why is the vacuum robot market  so successful ?

Well, that is simple. Robots fit into your busy schedule, they reduce your work load around the home and garden, they give you more free time to do the things that you had no time for, they can be cheaper than the traditional vacuums, they can be programmed through the timer function, they can be controlled via an app while your on holiday or on the road, they have an endless amount of functions available, they require less storage space, they automatically re-charge themselves and they look fantastic.

Still not sure if you want to make the leap ?

There are several reasons why you should feel more relaxed about purchasing through, some of those reason have been highlighted above, but what we held back from the fine details is that we offer a full 2 year product warranty, 6 months battery warranty and free postage on all orders over £100. also has 600 square meters of warehouse that is stocked with over 800 separate products and parts to fully support you.

To top it off, we give you 14 days of free testing to decide if you like your choice with the opportunity to send it back to us FREE OF CHARGE!

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