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We supply only the robots for the home and garden on the market

As the leading online specialists in providing robots for the home and garden such as vacuum robots, mopping robots, robotic lawnmowers and window cleaning robots, you can be sure to discover your perfect robot here. You will find all the information that you need to know about household robots and answers to your question.

How the start-up began

We began as a start-up in 2012 by selling window cleaning robots. Within 5 years, we had developed into being the market leaders for specializing in household robots.

Grown into 600 square meters of space and 6 million euros per year in under 6 years

The company moved from a small room in an apartment to 600 square meters of offices and warehouse space. We have grown year on year to the point that we are now generating over 6 million euros in sales this year(2017)  with good growth predicted for 2018 as we expand further with a great strategy to give the customer even more attention.

How we did it

We achieved this by building a brand through trust and product reliability combined with first class customer service.

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