Robotic lawn mower

A Robotic lawn mower is amazing

Robotic lawn mowers are entering your gardens for many reasons. To put it simply, they are amazing. A lawn mower robot will take care of your lawn. They cut the grass fantastically and will help you get that traditional English garden look. Do you want to view more robots? click here to visit the store

robotic lawn mower

Types of robotic lawn mowers

There are two types of lawn mower robots. The first type operate with a perimeter cable and the second type operate without the perimeter cable.

What is the perimeter cable

The perimeter cable is a cable the you would lay around the edge of the garden or a designated area. The robotic lawn mower will then follow the cable from start to finish, while cutting the grass. The lawn mower will then begin to cut the grass which is located within that designated area. This type of lawn mower is fantastic if you have flower beds that you want to protect or if you want to be more precise with the cutting.

How can the lawn mower charge itself?

By having the perimeter cable installed, the lawn mower robot will be able to locate its charging station either when the battery starts to run low or when the robot has finished with its cutting cycle. The mower will use the cable as a guide to find its way back to the charging station. This function is absolutely perfect for those of you that want to have a lovely looking lawn without having to handle a lawn mower.

Set up the lawn mower only once

If your robot has the perimeter wire/cable option, you will only have to set the robotic mower up once, and that’s it. The mower will set off all by itself and return too. Just set up the timer function for the finer touch. Watch our installation video here

These types of robots also have rain sensors to ensure the lawn is looking amazing.

Robots without the perimeter cable

The robotic lawn mowers that do not have a perimeter cable option are very simple to use and set-up.

Ensure it is charged, place it on the ground and press start, that’s it.

This type of lawn mower is great if you have a garden with a raised edge, such as a garden with a walled area. The robot has sensors on the front and back that detects obstacles and then changes its direction of travel.

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